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Burn (2012)

28 Oct

Review of the documentary Burn

Detroit. A city which once was the heart of the American economy, providing a lot of jobs in the car industry, has seemed to have lost its former glory. The media attention the city receives is usually negative, focussing on crime and people leaving the city resulting in empty buildings. Those empty buildings are a big problem Detroit faces as they are prone to be lit for various reasons. With over 30 fires a day (compared to only 11 in Los Angeles for example) it means that the fire department is one of the busiest in the United States. Burn follows the crew of Engine Company 50 closely and looks at the problems they are facing, which aren’t only fires. Continue reading


Highway Gospel (2011)

25 Feb

Before watching this documentary I had never heard of longboarding. It’s a sport in which someone takes a very long skateboard and race down a hill. It’s a high risk thing to do, but as this documentary shows it is a high adrenaline one and the people doing it are very passionate about it. Continue reading

By Choice or Chance (2013)

24 Feb

In the western world the term single mother doesn’t raise much eyebrows. Chances are that you know at least one single mother and it’s something which has become something normal. These women have decided to take care of their children alone and (usually) succeed in having a working career and given their kids the affection they need. Our society allows it and there are enough options in regards to daycare to make it possible.

This isn’t the case in big parts of the world as this documentary clearly shows. Shot in Thailand, it paints a picture of a culture where the man is the pillar which holds the “house of the family” together. Being a single mother is not accepted in the Vietnamese culture and parents are ashamed should their daughter make that choice. It takes a lot of determination by single mothers to make that step and fight for their equality and empowerment. Director Marijn Poels talks to three women who stood up, fully aware of the consequences their decision might have. Continue reading

The Island President (2011)

16 Feb

As many of you know I live in the Netherlands. It’s a country which is mostly below sea level, but through good watermanagement the dutch have managed to keep it all dry. I personally live at one of the lowest points of the country (more than 6 meters below sea level), so this documentary was an interesting watch. President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives also has an issue with water, only he has the problem that his country consists of many small islands and as the sea level is slowly increasing and washing away parts of the country he’s got a very big problem. If nothing is done the country will disappear under the sea. This documentary looks at his struggle to convince other countries to change the CO2 emissions to slow down the effects global warming has on the sea level. Continue reading

Pink Ribbons Inc. (2011)

10 Feb

Review breast cancer documentary

Breast cancer is something I’m sure everyone is aware of and Pink Ribbon has been a big reason for creating that awareness. It’s a horrible disease, which unfortunately still can’t be prevented, only diagnosed and treated through chemotherapy, radiation and amputation and still that doesn’t give complete guarantees. It’s a disease which has hit close to home as my grandmother died from it years ago after treatment started too late and it hit even closer to home when my mother was diagnosed with it a couple of months back. Luckily she is a very strong woman and is going through all the steps (having her last chemo two weeks ago and starting radiation soon). Continue reading

Side by Side (2012)

9 Feb

As you probably know I’m a big fan of documentaries and when I first heard about this one I couldn’t wait to check it out. The film looks at both shooting movies on film and on digital and tries to make it clear to the viewer what the pros and cons are of each format. Continue reading

Mansome (2012)

6 Feb

Mansome is the latest documentary from Morgan Spurlock, who is known for his light-hearted way of making documentaries. They are usually more entertaining than informative and if you know this going in they can be very entertaining. This documentary is all about male grooming. What makes a man a man? Continue reading