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The Act of Killing (2012)

29 Oct

Review of the documentary The Act of Killing

In general I do not seek out movies which have shocking footage in them. I do not enjoy watching such footage even if it’s just make belief. So you will not make me happy with movies like Saw or similar ones. With a title like The Act of Killing you have an idea about what to expect. I decided to watch this since this isn’t fiction, it is a documentary about people who killed communists in Indonesia during the sixties. Within a year more than a million people lost their lives because of it. It was something I had not heard about and I thought it would be important to learn more. What makes this documentary unique though is that the executioners themselves talk about their acts openly. Continue reading


Bus 174 (2002)

5 Mar

Review of the documentary Bus 174

The discussion is as old as time: Are people a product of their environment or is most of it genetics? After watching this documentary my conclusion would be that environment is the biggest influence. This documentary is a riveting example of it. A failed robbery aboard a bus, which then changed into a hostage situation (and was broadcasted live) was something which kept Brazilians glued to their TV in 2000. The perpetrator, Sandro Rosa do Nascimento, was unpredictable, threatening, but also in control of his situation. This single event is used to make clear that there are some pressing issues in Brazilian society, which might have led to this hostage situation. Continue reading

The Staircase (2004)

26 Feb

Review of the documentary The Staircase

Writer Michael Peterson was at home with his wife Kathleen at their swimming pool, when she decided she wanted to go back into the house. When her husband also returned he found her at the bottom of the stairs, covered in blood, but still breathing. He dialled 911, but his wife died. At least that’s the story Peterson is telling. The police didn’t believe that story and treated him as a suspect, a man who murdered his wife.

This 8 part documentary mini series shows the details of the case, follows the defense and witnesses the unbelievable things which happen during the trial. As the defense lawyer states to the camera crew when something from Peterson’s past is dug up: “Your documentary just became very interesting”. Continue reading