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102 Minutes That Changed America (2008)

28 Oct

Review of the documentary 102 Minutes That Changed America (2008)

Translating real events into a compelling movie can be very difficult. You have to stick to the facts, but also still tell a story within those facts. Various movies have been made related to 9/11 and although they might have captured part of what happened you still know you are watching something which was recreated. If you were around on 9/11 you will remember the day vividly. Most people will know what they were doing and how they heard about it. They remember the impact it had on everybody, even if you were not living in the United States. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of movies and documentaries about it and was not expecting this documentary to add much. As it turned out I was quite wrong. Continue reading


Starz Inside: Fantastic Flesh (2008)

27 Jun

Practical effects slowly seem to become a dying art as CGI has taken over most of the effect work. Of course a lot is still done with prosthetic makeup, but working with miniatures and building creatures is becoming a thing of the past. When the first Star Wars trilogy came out a lot of practical effects were used whereas the second trilogy mainly used green screen and everything else being generated by computers. Often the result of this is that a lot just doesn’t feel real, it just seems to be too perfect. Fantastic Flesh shows the practical side of effects work and is a fantastic look into this amazing world of “screen magic”. Continue reading

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (2008)

23 Jun

Andrew Bagby is a 28-year-old medical student who starts a relationship with 41-year-old Shirley Jane Turner. Although his parents and friends get a weird feeling about it, it seems that she makes him happy, at least for a while. He decides to end the relationship, but it’s something Turner can’t handle and his lifeless body is found in a park. It’s a big shock to his family and friends, which gets bigger once they find out that she is pregnant with his child.

When director Kurt Kuenne, one of his childhood friends with whom he made a lot of home movies, hears the story he decides to make a documentary about Andrew. The goal is that this can be shown to his son Zachary when he’s older. This way he can learn who his father was. This movie is more than just a story about Andrew. It is one of the most emotionally gripping documentaries I’ve ever seen. Continue reading

Soul Power (2008)

2 Jun

The “Rumble in the Jungle” fight in Zaire between heavy weights Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in october 1974 is one of the most famous fights to ever take place. It’s not as well-known that before that match a music festival, Zaire 74, was organised which lasted several days.James Brown, Celia Cruz and the Fania All-Stars, B.B. King, Miriam Makeba, The Spinners, Bill Withers and Manu Dibango were some of the artists that performed.
This documentary shows the preparations for the big concert and some of the artists doing their thing on stage. Continue reading

The Human Experience (2008)

2 Jun

According to the official movie site this documentary should be giving answers to questions like: Who am I? Who is Man? Why do we search for meaning? These are very interesting questions and two brothers (Jeffrey en Clifford Azize) try to find the answers. They do this by living as the homeless, travel to Peru and visit Ghana. Does this movie show what the human experience is? Continue reading