Highway Gospel (2011)

25 Feb

Before watching this documentary I had never heard of longboarding. It’s a sport in which someone takes a very long skateboard and race down a hill. It’s a high risk thing to do, but as this documentary shows it is a high adrenaline one and the people doing it are very passionate about it.

This movie isn’t only about longboarding though, it shows people who are passionate about something and have decided to pursue their passion no matter the consequences. One of them is Claude, who has been a skateboard slalom champion for ages and although he has passed his prime he still does a lot of training and competes. He really loves the sport that it was one of the reasons he left his first wife. When he’s not doing slalom competitions he runs a struggling skatepark. Other people include a man who has a homebuilt CNC machine since he couldn’t afford to buy one. His longboard designs have been revolutionary, but it’s clear he doesn’t do it to make money. Bricin is maybe the most colorful person who’s followed and a long time longboarder. He has had many broken bones and organises and hosts downhill events.

Even if you are not a fan of the sport (as a matter of fact the sport isn’t that well known), this documentary still is worth watching as it does make you think about following the things you are passionate about as that’s what wil give you the most joy (even if that means having to struggle in other ways). Even though I would never do any longboarding I did think it was an inspiring watch.

Score: 7


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