Searching for Sugar Man (2012)

20 Feb

Review of the documentary Searching for Sugar Man

Some stories are almost too strange to be real, but this documentary tells one that will have you captivated. This movie is about Rodriguez, a musician I had never heard of before. He’s an American artist who never made it there, but who played a big part in the history of South Africa. He had a big following there and any serious South African record collector has to have his records besides those of greats like the Beatles. Unlike the Beatles though no one seemed to know anything about him. Not where he lived or even if he was still alive. There were crazy stories about how he had died, but nothing could be confirmed. Until two people decided to find the truth about him.

This documentary succeeds in making you care for the mystery it tries to unravel. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know Rodriguez, but once you hear his music and hear the role that music played you are hooked. You want to know more about this man and this movie offers it. With not much to go on it seems an impossible task to find out more and the question is whether these people will succeed in finding Rodriguez.

It’s hard to talk about this documentary and not give anything away, so I’m going to keep this review short and just suggest you see this documentary as soon as you can. There is a very good reason it has received an Oscar nomination.

Score: 9


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