Heckler (2007)

5 Feb

Being a comedian can be a tough life, especially if you have worked hard at your piece and don’t get the laughs or even worse get comments from the crowd while you are doing that. They call these people hecklers and I have to admit that I have been one on one occasion. I went to a comedy night and one of the comedians that was supposed to be there didn’t show up, so the organisers had a replacement comedian. Well, he was supposed to be funny but instead he wasn’t and constantly was making comments that were inappropriate. After a while I couldn’t stand it any more and frustration took a hold of me and I yelled: You are not funny! I got more laughs than he did so of course I became his target. I basically didn’t care because I just had to tell him. This documentary is about those people…and not only those at comedy shows.

Jamie Kennedy appears the most and he’s a comedian/actor who has had his fair share of criticism, but the amount of people who are interviewed is stunning as you can see if you watch the trailer. Now when I started watching this documentary I wondered how long this documentary could keep the subject of hecklers interesting and it manages to do so to look at criticism in general. This includes movie criticism and the movie makes some fair points. The thing which I liked the most was when Jamie Kennedy actually met up with the critics who slammed his movie and even personally attacked him (criticism that had nothing to do with his performance). It’s funny to see that some of them don’t know how to respond.

As someone who gives his opinion about movies I found this a great documentary. I always try to be positive about the things I review, even if I don’t like it I realise that others might enjoy it. It’s just my opinion I’m giving and that’s not the “end all – be all” of rating a movie. Surely I’ll let you know if I don’t like it but I don’t see the need to attack people. If you would write reviews I suggest you check out this documentary.

Score: 7


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