These Amazing Shadows (2011)

12 Jan

These Amazing Shadows review

As a movielover/blogger I’m a big fan of the possibility of exploration in film. I sometimes feel like Indiana Jones discovering old treasures that amaze me. It’s a great thing to be able to do that because movies are seen as an important medium that should be taken care of. Movies allow you to experience a different time with different values or take you to worlds you’d never be able to imagine. These Amazing Shadows is a documentary which looks into the world of preservation, more specifically the National Film Registry, which is a list of American movies that is expanded each year. Each movie in this list is preserved in the Library of Congress, which allows future generations to experience them. The movies are selected by the United States National Film Preservation Board and it becomes clear that the people selecting them love movies as much as we do.

This documentary tells the viewer why the National Film Registry was created, but as some of the movies on the list are discussed (shots of the movies are shown) also looks into the history of film. I was shocked to find out how many movies were lost from the silent era, simply because people saw them as nothing more than product that could be destroyed after money was made. It shows various directors (Christopher Nolan, Rob Reiner, John Lasseter and many more) talking about specific films and why they love them. A big part of the preservation is of course making sure that the actual film is stored in perfect condition. It shows how much effort is taken in restoring movies and how fragile film can be, especially the nitrate film which will burn really quickly.

These Amazing Shadows review

As a movielover this really is a documentary you can’t miss as it constantly shows people passionately talking about the importance of movies. It is sprinkled with shots of all the movies that are part of the Registry and immediately makes you want to watch them. Just watch the trailer and tell me you wouldn’t want to see this. I know I was watching this with a warm feeling inside, love for movies.

Score: 8


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