Forks Over Knives (2011)

13 Sep

Sometimes there are documentaries that make you think about something you are doing yourself and possibly manage to change your behavior. An Inconvenient Truth did that with a lot of people and personally Collapse was a movie which impressed me a lot and was on my mind for a long time. Forks over Knives to me is another one of those documentaries that should be seen. It focuses on our food and the relationship it might have with the most common diseases like cancer and high cholesterol. It makes you think:

Would you rather change what you eat with your fork or prefer going under the knife because you didn’t?

Forks Over Knives review

Although our technology has grown so rapidly, why is it that we still have so many diseases? Director Lee Fulkerson asks the question if we could become healthier in a very simple way: Changing what we eat. Could eating the right things prevent or even reversed? He talks to Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who both have been doing a lot of research on food and have concluded that a lot of our unhealthiness is comes down to eating meat and lots of sugar. Their stories sound very convincing, but does eating something different really have such a big effect. In order to prove this documentary follows a couple of patients, some of whom have lots of medication, who switch to a whole foods plant-based diet under supervision of a nutritionist. The results are stunning, with some being able to complete stop taking their medication.

Forks Over Knives review

Having watched this documentary I was pretty convinced that these two scientists were right about what they discovered and the facts they present. After watching this I didn’t stop eating meat, but it did slightly change my eating habits. I eat less dairy products and I still think about what I eat because of this documentary. So if a documentary manages to do that, then to me it is a very effective one and one you should see as well as it literally could change your life and what you eat.

Score: 9



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