Just for Kicks (2003)

28 Jun

Over the years sneakers have become a normal part of the urban streetscape. Although they were initially meant to be used when playing sport they have become fashion items with which you try to say something about yourself. There is an almost infinite choice of models and color combinations and this has resulted in a group of fanatic collectors who have closets filled with sneakers. Just for kicks is a documentary that takes a closer look at the rise of the sneaker and the subculture of the sneakerheads.

It shows the growth in popularity and the effect it had on the industry itself. It also zooms in on a number of important models, like the Adidas sneakers that were made popular by Run DMC, the Air Jordans, but also the Airforce Ones. Consisting of a lot interviews (with DMC, Dame Dash, Futura 2000, the former manager of marketing at Adidas and Grandmaster Caz among others) and little pieces of history, it manages to paint a complete picture of the sneaker industry. Some people who are interviewed talk passionately and sometimes are funny as well. One example is when DMC tells where the idea for the song “My Adidas” came from (it has to do with Russel Simmons and some drugs).
Besides the big names, some sneakerheads tell about their passion as well and show parts of their collection. Just for Kicks is an appealing look into the world of the sneaker and a must-see for the collector.

Score: 9


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