Starz Inside: Fantastic Flesh (2008)

27 Jun

Practical effects slowly seem to become a dying art as CGI has taken over most of the effect work. Of course a lot is still done with prosthetic makeup, but working with miniatures and building creatures is becoming a thing of the past. When the first Star Wars trilogy came out a lot of practical effects were used whereas the second trilogy mainly used green screen and everything else being generated by computers. Often the result of this is that a lot just doesn’t feel real, it just seems to be too perfect. Fantastic Flesh shows the practical side of effects work and is a fantastic look into this amazing world of “screen magic”.

All the big names within the industry all appear and talk about their work with lots of passion. Various directors like Tarantino, Rodriguez and Romero are also interviewed and tell what the effects mean to them. It’s a lot of talking heads, but when they talk like they do in this that’s not a bad thing. The documentary shows the effects work which was done on various movies like Cabin Fever, Death Proof, Planet Terror, From Dusk Till Dawn, Amadeus and various horror movies.

If there is one thing which is bad about Fantastic Flesh, it’s that it isn’t longer as this is a subject which is very fascinating, especially when everyone talks about it with so much love and passion.

Score: 9


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