This is it (2009)

2 Jun

This is it is a movie which you watch with mixed feelings. I saw the movie in the cinemas last year and watched it again at home this week. The first feeling i had when this movie would be made was that they wanted to profit off the dead of Jackson. That feeling disappeared after seeing it. You will be amazed to see how Jackson wanted everything to be perfect for his show. The music had to perfect, everybody has to know all their dance moves and nothing can go wrong. The movie clearly shows what an amazing show it would have been. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.

As a film/documentary it is hard to judge, as the whole movie is just rehearsals for the final show. The quality between the different pieces of footage differs strongly and there really is no story to it or someone narrating it. You simply have to watch it and see it.

During the Thriller and Bad days i was a big fan of Michael Jackson, but since then i hardly listened to his music anymore. This movie brought back quite a lot of that enthusiasm i had at the time. I think other people will experience the same. That the movie has this effect show that his music is timeless and still relevant for coming generations.

Score: 8


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