The True Story of Killing Pablo (2002)

2 Jun

Pablo Escobar is a very famous name and I didn’t know much about him expect that he was a druglord. I didn’t know that he was the first person to become a billionaire by doing his drugs trading. Of course it’s not surprising that to get there he used a lot of violence, but something which is shocking is that he didn’t seem to care who was killed.
Whether it was someone in government (even on commercial flights) or killing civilians with carbombs, it didn’t matter.
He was so powerful that after he was convicted he managed to agree with the government he could stay in his own prison he built for himself. No government officials were allowed to go there, not even the police. So he still could do what he wanted. It’s really unbelievable stuff.

It’s a well-made documentary that uses a lot of interviews with various people who were part of either government or people that tried to hunt him down and capture him. They all their part of the story and it shows how difficult it was to find and kill him.
The images are sometimes very explicit, so it’s not something anyone will want to watch, but if you want to know more about this notorious drugdealer it’s a documentary you’ll want to see. Definitely recommended.

Score: 8


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