The Pixar Story (2007)

2 Jun

At the moment Pixar is the leading company when it comes to succesful computer animated movies. With the combination of stunning graphics en extremely well written stories they have managed to build an impressive movie portfolio. This documentary shows how the company was founded and evolved. Steve Jobs, John Lasseter, Brad Bird and George Lucas are all interviewed and tell about its history and growth. Before Toy Story was made the company didn’t make any money and lost millions each year.

The movie show that Toy Story’s story would have been very different if the Disney company would have had it its way. Also Pixar’s other movies like A Bug’s Life, Cars, Monster Inc and Finding Nemo are briefly talked about. It’s clear that the company feels the constant pressure to outdo itself with each new movie. I think this is something they usually succeed in, although Cars really wasn’t that good (although it is understandably very popular with the kids)
I’m always looking forward to seeing new Pixar movies, something I don’t have with Disney movies.
With Toy Story 3 Pixar has managed to already earn $895 million and the future of Pixar looks bright. It’s a company that will not disappear anytime soon. When I think about the Pixar name I think about quality movies and my expectation is that they will manage to keep that image.

The Pixar Story is a very interesting documentary in which there were many new details I didn’t know. If you have seen every Pixar movie and if you want to know more about the company itself, then this documentary is something you will want to see.

Score: 7


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