Still Bill (2009)

2 Jun

Nope, it’s no sequel to Tarantino’s Kill Bill, but a documentary about soul singer Bill Withers. Is this film also interesting for those that don’t know him or simply don’t like his music?

For those who have no idea who Bill Withers is:

These are beautiful songs which I knew, but I didn’t know anything about Bill Withers. Luckily this documentary gives a good overview of his career. He started fairly late with singing (before he did he was placing toilets in planes) and it’s probably the reason that as an artist he stands out. He wasn’t willing to do everything to stay famous and succesful and gave priority to his family, which he thought was more important than his career. He even stopped making music for tens of years. He doesn’t feel he has to prove himself.

This documentary has a lot of interviews with both family and other well-known artists. This results in a movie which has a heart. It talks about a man who is filled with passion and wisdom. As a viewer you become part of his world and the way he sees everything around him. It’s a fascinating documentary about the life of soul’s big artists.

Score: 8

The trailer:


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