Food Inc. (2008)

2 Jun

Do you know how your food is made or where it comes from? This documentary gives an answer to these questions. It shows how chickens are beign “produced”, in which products corn is being used (and for those who watched Matt Damon in the Informant! already know)

Some examples: Cola, diapers, meat, fast food, ketchup and batteries. The movie shows how big the players are within the industry and the consequences this has on the people and their environment, but also regulation. The movie is based on interviews with farmers, authors who wrote books about the subject en the people noticing the consequences. You’ll learn a lot about the production of food. I thought the movie didn’t have enough shock value (could have had a bit more), but it was definately informational. After watching this documentary i will not be changing my diet, but i will know a bit more about how the food ended up on my plate.

Score: 7


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