Collapse (2009)

2 Jun

Michael Ruppert, a man who once was a police officer with the LAPD but quit after seeing that the CIA was involved with the drugs trade, set himself a goal to investigate more issues, uncover them and publish them. He did this in his “Into the Wilderness” magazine. Chris Smith was planning to make a documentary about the involvement of the CIA in the drugs trade, but during the interview with Ruppert found out that he had more to tell. Things that were much more important. The end result is very interesting, but also quite unsettling.

During the movie we see a chain-smoking Ruppert (with some archive footage) talking about the world’s dependence on oil, its relationship with the financial system (he explains why the current crisis happened) and the future of the world population. He makes clear that there really are almost no alternatives for oil. You have to put more energy in making Bio-ethanol than you get out of it, electrical is no solution either, to build nuclear plants you need oil and windmills are only effective when their energy is used nearby. Even if we would want to use solar power we will still need oil for construction, transport and production.

Ruppert connects the dots between big issues. He shows a graph of the world population and how quickly it grew the last century because of oil. When the oil reserves have been depleted (which seems to be the case as even Saudi Arabia is drilling off shore), he predicts that people will die as well as there are insufficient alternatives to produce the same amount of food we are making now.
It’s a grim message and there is not a lot to do about it. He gives tips on how to survive this future, which are to learn to grow your own food and work together with friends and neighbours.

This documentary is so captivating and at the same time so worrying that you will look differently at the world around you. I still have not bought seeds and gold, but you will consider doing it. I did not have the feeling that Ruppert is a “conspiracy theorist”. He tells things like they are, without sugar-coating it, and he does not care whether or not you agree with him. He has the knowledge to back up his claims and that makes it a very powerful message. If he’s right, the world might be very different from the one we are living in today. It will be even less peaceful and the future we see in movies like The Road might become reality.
This documentary is more thrilling and scarier than many horror movies. It’s a documentary everyone should see. Al Gore’s An inconvenient Truth (which I scored a 7) already had a very important message, but this one has more impact and shows an even more frightening future. Let’s hope that the hundredth monkey Ruppert is talking about will stand up after watching this movie.

Score: 10


3 Responses to “Collapse (2009)”

  1. faraday1822 24 June 2011 at 09:03 #

    Mr. Ruppert is wrong about one thing. If you believe the best way to predict the future is to look at the past than there is no question that humans will fail. The only reason Mr. Ruppert thinks the past is not as bad as it really is, is because his mind is clouded from the “reward system” in the brain. Basically serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine is clouding his judgment in the form of hope. The only true way to see what will become of the human race is to have an unbiased prediction. This cannot be done by a human being. If the best way to predict the future is to look at the past than really look at the ridiculous actions of man. The human race has done a horrible job and will continue to do a horrible job. The biggest ignorance of man is constantly thinking they can change when every attempt in the past has failed. That is called insanity. Yes, man has changed in the fact that they can admit now that they made mistakes. But man still hasn’t changed in the fact that they still don’t realize the CAN NOT succeed. They continue to lie to themselves. Every human know how hard it is to make a personal change in his or her life. Why the hell would you believe that people across the earth could make a collective change together. Improbable and impossible. This shows the same ignorance that man has always shown in the past. If you have hope you are in for a rude awakening. If you know that change is impossible at least you will be ready for the let down. It is funny that humans always talk about change in the future but are living in a reality that has no change in the present as they speak of change. What arrogance. If change was possible it would have happened in the present or in the past. Has it? No. So why lie to yourselves just to give yourself hope by way of self regulating pleasurable nero transmitters in your brain. Because that is all you are doing is making yourself feel better. It makes me very sad that probably one of the smartest humans(Michael Rupper) still acts like a basic human in root form. Why not look at the poor job humans have done in the past for it’s sad reality. It is impossible for a species to believe in what is said here because it goes against the programming of human species. The judgement of human beings that humans make is only the judgment in there reality. Other species or realities would see humans for what they are. In some way parasitical. If change was to happen in a race judgment would have to be made by an unbiased mind. Could someone please tell me where these thoughts of change were before it was mandatory to change????? The system will fail but so will the effort from the unchanged mind. If there are people that want to contact me the email address is Have a good time with the reward system in your brain getting you by and distorting your failed reality. And humans have failed indeed. Michael Ruppert is an extremely intelligent man because he gets enjoyment out of seeing if he can make people smile. That is amazing. See the truth for once.

  2. faraday1822 24 June 2011 at 09:21 #

    If you don’t believe in what is said here, believe in statistics. Statistics of human past actions.


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